Is the right time to Buy a Property in 2018 -2019?

Is the right time to Buy a Property in 2018 -2019?

Time is very important while starting any new work or venture or property.  It is said that if a person is buying a property or home and investing his money in real estate at the wrong time then he would face loss in the future. This is the reason why it is said that the right time is very important while buying a property.

Many people chose their hard earn money in property without understanding the market. This is what causes them financial loss. You should know that timing your property is an art and you must be excel in this art to make more money from your real estate investment.

In this article, we tell you about the right time to invest in real estate or buying a property.

First rule

If you are financially ready to buy a house or afford a new property then no time is better than this. This is a right moment to buy your dream house or investing in a real estate. Seriously, it is very impossible to accurately predict the movements and fluctuations in the market trend.

No delay

Yes, you should consider this second rule in buying a property to avoid any loss. Delaying your property buying decision can be costly. If you decide to wait for sometime or drop in the market price and it does not happen then you could face a hike in property prices and higher interest rates. Even 12 months delay can cause a huge difference in your property’s value.

Interest rates

If you are planning to buy a home or property on loan then you must consider that time when the interest rate is low. Generally, festive seasons are come up with new and attractive offers which available at low-interest rates. You can buy your dream home on this Diwali or any other festival because at this time many banks offer lowest interest rates on property.

2018-19 forecast

At this time the property rate is highly down and if you want to invest in real estate then this is the right time for you. In Modi’s government or in effect of GST, property rates become so down as before so right now you can invest your money in real estate or buying your dream home. There is the possibility of change in the government in 2019, so try to plan your investment before that because there are chances that new government will make some changes in the market trends and it will affect the property rates.

For EWS or LIG flats, schemes are available up to 31 March 2022 and for MIG UP TO 31 March 2019. There is also some relaxation given to eligibility criteria by increasing the carpet area for MIG flats 200 sq meter. Now, property prices are steady, low-interest rates are available, higher income levels, huge subsidies for first time buyers, fiscal benefits, expect economic growth etc, this is the right time to buy a house or investing in property.

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