Try these tips while moving to a new House, this Festive Season

Try these tips while moving to a new House, this Festive Season

Buying a new house is always a beautiful dream for a person. Taking care of your future home or place is very important. Moving to a new house is always exciting but one should take care of some important things before shifting into the new home. To shift in a new house packing the things is not enough. One should also check for some flaws and try to get them fixed.

Here is the list of few things which you should check before shifting or moving into your new home.

Internet and cable connection

Nowadays, life is being incomplete without an Internet connection. A person can live without eating food at one time but cannot breathe properly without internet connection in their Smartphone. Entertainment is very important for human being. So, always check the internet and cable connection in your new house. Talk with your internet and cable provider to make an appointment.

Keys of new home

Now, we cannot trust anyone easily and this rule is also applied to moving to a new house. In many cases, previous owners probably have the key to your new house so it’s better for you to have new keys for your home and change all the locks. Also, ensure that smoke detectors of your home are working perfectly.

Cleaning of the house

Almost every person neglecting this thing while buying a new home. Make sure that your house should be cleaned perfectly. Make sure that before you’re shifting into your new home or housewarming party, carpets, all cabinets, toilet seats should be cleaned. Also, spray for bugs at home. Clean everything up and spray for bugs.

Switchboards and mechanical equipment

Incompatible switchboards or buttons in a new house can also possible. It is good and safe for your family to change all the switch plates with new ones. Also, make sure that mechanical equipment cleaned. Heating and cooling systems should be cleaned and serviced.

Vastu tips for Griha Pravesh

  1. For a new home, a housewarming is considered an auspicious occasion. This will keep away evil forces and negativity from your new home or family. Bhumi pujan is also done after entering into a new house.
  2. Always ask for the shubh mahurat from an experienced astrologer. If you entered shubh mahurat in your home then it will bring more auspiciousness and happiness into your life.
  3. The main door has to be decorated while griha pravesh. Decorate it with swastika and flowers. Toran which is made by fresh mango leaves should be hung on the doorway.
  4. Always place puja Ghar or temple in the northeast direction of the house. One can be fixed it on the day of the housewarming party.
  5. Always put your right foot first while entering the house.
  6. Do the griha Pravesh and housewarming party on any auspicious day. Idols should be placed in an east facing zone of the house.
  7. One must organize havan and puja at a new home as it purifies and cleanses the surroundings.
  8. These tips will bring happiness and prosperity in your new house. It will make your house warming party hassle free and full of joy.

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